Drawing/Writing Prompts

You may have a general idea of who your Original Character is, what their goals are, and who their main antagonist is, but have not worked out the finer details of their look, characteristics, or story arc. Below are some prompts that will allow you to explore aspects of your character.

You can either draw the prompts or write a scene or description inspired by the prompts. The result of the prompt may or may not fit into your final version of the story, but that’s okay. The intention behind the prompts are to get you to explore who your character is, who they are not, and everything in between, in a fun, low-pressure way.

Many of the prompts may not apply to the world your character inhabits. That’s okay; you can use this as a chance to explore a parallel universe. Alternately, some of the prompts may already apply to your character. For instance, if your character is a superhero and the prompt is to “depict your character as a superhero”, you can explore your character in a different costume or your character cosplaying as Wonder Woman.

You may be worried that your skill level won’t allow you to depict some of the suggestions. That’s okay. Just do the best you can. Use scribbles or stick figures or print out and paste parts of what you can’t draw. The point of a prompt is to embrace the challenge with your current skill level, not wait for “someday” when you’re good enough.

That said, if there are any prompts that make you feel uncomfortable, don’t do them, or alter the prompt into something that you are excited about trying. You can do each prompt as many times as you want, and skip any that you don’t like. The greatest thing about creating your own lore is that you make your own rules. A prompt is supposed to kick start your creativity, not stifle it. Also, if you’re not sure what one of the prompts is suggesting it, and your internet is down, draw whatever you assume the prompt means.

If you do decide to follow any of the prompts, I’d love to see your results. You can comment in my blog or email me. Also, if you have any ideas for prompts, please feel free to contact me. I’ll add a section for prompts from other artists. When you contact me, make sure to include your website or social media so that I can credit you properly.


  1. Your OC as an astronaut.
  2. Your OC as a classic French mime.
  3. Someone your OC despises.
  4. Your OC’s best friend.
  5. Your OC’s bedroom/wherever they sleep.
  6. If your OC had a poster on their bedroom wall of their ultimate idol, who/what would it be?
  7. An inanimate object, word, or food that irrationally irks your OC.
  8. Your OC’s favorite animal.
  9. Your OC as a Janie-from-“She’s All That”-style artist.
  10. Your OC as a stereotypical or classic image of an archaeologist.
  11. Your OC as a mermaid.
  12. Your OC as a centaur.
  13. Your OC with an expression that would be unusual for them.
  14. What is something your OC is irrationally embarrassed about/ashamed of?
  15. What would your OC NEVER do in public?
  16. What is one of your OC’s recurring dreams?
  17. Your OC as a 15th-century queen.
  18. Your OC as a 15th-century peasant.
  19. Your OC has to throw together a costume for a comic convention on short notice.
  20. Your OC interacting with a fairy tale character.
  21. Your OC in a shoe ad from the ’80s.
  22. Your OC’s favorite toy/plushie.
  23. If your OC’s superpower was their worst character trait.
  24. Your OC as Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.
  25. Your OC in front of a feast of their favorite foods, with the Sword of Damocles’ over their head and their main antagonist across the table from them.
  26. Your OC pushing a boulder up a hill.
  27. Your OC sleeping with a stuffed animal.
  28. Your OC with Sherrie Austin’s hair.
  29. Your OC singing a Dan Fogelberg song on a stage with a single spotlight and an acoustic guitar.
  30. Your OC kicking down a door.
  31. Your OC as a character from “The OC”.
  32. Your OC as the person on social media that you follow (and like) the most.
  33. Your OC working in their workplace.
  34. Your OC working in your workplace.
  35. Your OC carrying a lance and a shield.
  36. Your OC in zero gravity.
  37. Your OC wearing a cap that can read their mind.
  38. Your OC wearing an outfit as an adult that they hated as a child.
  39. Your OC confronting their doppelganger in the mirror.
  40. Your OC gets a hold of a time machine. Where/when do they go?
  41. Your OC having a picnic with a fairy tale or comic book character whose personality most closely resembles the OC’s.
  42. Your OC holding a paintbrush the same way that they would hold a baby.
  43. Your OC surrounded by candles.
  44. Your OC receiving their greatest wish.
  45. Your OC finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
  46. Your OC posing for a picture, completely unaware that a mythical creature is photobombing.
  47. Your OC summoning a fireball.
  48. If your OC could only wear one piece of jewelry, what would it be?
  49. Your OC as Sherlock Holmes.
  50. Your OC as a cyclops.