Coloring Pages

I retain the copyright to my original artwork and characters. Remember to credit your resources whenever possible. You can link back to this site or tag me on social media if you post anything made from these resources. I’m @crystalcharee on Twitter and @crystal.charee on Instagram.

You are welcome to color, crop, and otherwise edit these images for personal or commercial use in logos, website layouts, avatars, etc. If you would like to use one of these images as a base for paper dolls and then sell your edited collection, that’s fine. If you’d like to color these in and sell them as prints or t-shirts, that’s fine, too. My only request is that you don’t sell or distribute my unedited images for profit. Also, if you make make a buttload of money off of an image edited from one of these coloring pages, feel free to share the wealth (with me or with someone who needs it more).

Enjoy, have fun, be cool!