Opening Line Prompt #5 — Draft

This is is far as I got tonight. Going to have to finish this tomorrow night.

The world is full of people who despise Jane Marchant. Therefore, being Jane Marchant is not a comfortable thing to be. But I don’t have much choice. I could change my name and my face and my location, but, hell, that’s how I got to be Jane Marchant in the first place.

The dentist’s office smells of the usual disinfectant and bottled-up terror. A small, blonde boy sits on the floor, coloring in a book that his mother pulled out of a large, long-suffering bag. He alternates coloring with a blue crayon and a red crayon and he occasionally glances up, just to glare at me.

I can’t tell if it’s because he recognizes me from TV, or if it’s because every time he looks up to glare at me, I’m watching him.

Aside from the boy, not a person in the room looks directly at me, but every one of them is watching me. Jeez. You bring down one entire government (that anybody knows of) and all of the sudden; you’re the center of attention.

I can feel how many people in the room secretly want to thank me, and how many of them are barely suppressing the urge to murder me. It’s 3-to-2, with the boy a question mark. Just as I feel an impending lunge coming from my left, the door that leads to the inner sanctum of the dentist’s office opens.

“Ms. Marchant?”

I stand, as the man to my left reins back his rage. After all, murder is still illegal, even without a government, probably, right?

The receptionist who calls my name is not a fan of mine, but she is bristling with the judgment of a woman who believes that it is impertinent to bring down a government. A pure bureaucrat. Believe it or not, you get a lot more of these than you do people who conform to any sort of ideal. Mr. Angry in the waiting room is the same way, just more intense about it.

The receptionist leads me to a room and indicates with a disapproving jerk of her head that I should go inside. “The doctor will be right in.”

I smile and enter. I like a dentist who insists on being called a doctor.

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