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Crystal Charee has no idea what she’s doing. Writer, drawer, even, briefly, a stand-up comedian (everyone makes mistakes),  Crystal Charee, like everyone on the planet, is figuring stuff out.

Born in Ohio, to drug-addicted, and insane parents, Crystal Charee is relatively functional. When she was three, Crystal moved her mother and her brothers to California, and raised them in a small, meth-centric town in the San Fernando Valley.

She’s not great at taking care of people, so the younger brother was hit by a car almost immediately and the older mother got cancer a few years ago. Both are dead, but Crystal is assured by well-meaning morons that the spirits of her lost loved ones are alive and with her. Crystal is NOT considering  adopting a puppy.

Some say that Crystal’s way of expressing herself is inappropriate. In junior high, she was once assured by a close friend that, “Sarcasm is the lowest form of humor.” Crystal was glad that her hero, David Spade, was not around to hear that.

After graduating from high school, Crystal took a short (10-year long) break from society to became an agoraphobe. It’s good that she was always home, however, otherwise, she never would have gained the strength that a woman can only get from a decade’s worth of Oprah.

10 years later, Crystal got tired of waiting to be okay and went out and got a job. It was just as bad as she’d expected, but she persevered, went back to school, and after 5 years, graduated from Glendale Community College with an AA in English (and with a 4.0 GPA, she likes to point out).

Crystal lives in the San Fernando Valley, with her closest-living (for now) relative. She works as a booker at a comedy club, but is never happy, even with a cool-ass job like that. She recently completed a six-month editing internship at a publishing company and has decided to not be an editor. Having cashiered, studented, interned (twice), and with the aforementioned cool-ass job, you’d think she’d be able to commit to a path, but here we are.

Crystal Chare is currently working on a fantasy novel about a teenage girl and her best friend, a shapeshifting unicorn. Let’s see where that goes.


Face-Blindness Fridays #5

“Prosopagnosia can be socially crippling. Individuals with the disorder often have difficulty recognizing family members and close friends. They often use other ways to identify people, such as relying on voice, clothing, or unique physical attributes, but these are not as effective as recognizing a face. Children with congenital prosopagnosia are born with the disability …

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