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Born in Ohio, to drug-addicted, and insane parents, Crystal Charee is shockingly functional. When she was three, Crystal moved her mother and her brothers to California, and raised them in a small, meth-centric town in the San Fernando Valley.

She’s not great at taking care of people, so the younger brother was hit by a car almost immediately and the older mother got cancer a few years ago. Both are dead, but Crystal is assured by well-meaning morons that the spirits of her lost loved ones are alive and with her. Crystal is NOT considering  adopting a puppy.

Some say that Crystal’s way of expressing herself is inappropriate. She was once assured by a close friend that, “Sarcasm is the lowest form of humor.” Crystal was glad that her hero, David Spade, was not around to hear that.

After graduating from high school, Crystal took a short (10-year long) break from society and became an agoraphobe. It’s good that she was always home, however, otherwise, she never would have gained the strength that a woman can only get from a decade’s worth of Oprah.

10 years later, Crystal got tired of waiting to be okay and went out and got a job. It was just as bad as she’d expected, but she persevered, went back to school, and after 5 years, graduated from Glendale Community College with an AA in English (and with a 4.0 GPA, she likes to point out).

Crystal lives in the San Fernando Valley, with her closest-living (for now) relative. She works as a booker at a comedy club, and performs once a month on the Friend Zone show — a show that features veteran performers mixed with innocent lambs who still think that comedy is fun. After the show, she drinks the blood of the newbies, and that is where she gains her strength and her sparkling personality.


Empty Houses

There are two things that bother me in day-to-day life: I miss my dead mom and my dead brother, and I hate that people just don’t get it. I have a friend who has a sister-in-law who is just a lovely little nightmare. She has a persecution complex and she has decided that my friend …

Friend Zone

Crystal Charee created the Friend Zone show in January of 2016. The theme of the show is that comedian friends invite their non-comedian friends to try stand-up for the first time and everyone performs on the same show. It’s a very silly show.


It started as a weekly show, but that was too much work, so she changed it to once a month. That was still too much work, so in March of 2016, she engaged her friend Robin Ryan to help host. In June of 2016, Hannah Leskosky made the mistake of auditioning for the club Crystal works at. Hannah and her pal Marty have not been unchained from the Flappers dungeon since, except for 90 minutes on show days.

Every week, Crystal and Robin meet at Denny’s with a group of friends and craft together. That’s where they make the (generally unicorn-themed) raffle prizes for the show. Older generations complain that adults these days are too immature to give up their childish ways, but Crystal and Robin didn’t have childhoods, so they’re re-claiming their love of unicorns now — so back off!

The Friend Zone has also features a lot of national touring headliners such as Laurie Kilmartin from Conan (and an amazing special on Seeso called “45 Jokes About My Dead Dad”), Debra DiGiovanni from Netflix, Joey Diaz from Spiderman II, Jodi Miller from AGT, Drew Lynch, also from AGT, Mick Betancourt a writer on Wicked City, Bobbie Oliver from  TNN, Justin Hires from Rush Hour and the new MacGuyver, Cristela Alonzo whose new special “Lower Classy” on Netflix is AMAZING…okay, we have to end this list somewhere, but this is seriously only a short list of the amazing comedians we’ve been able to have on our show.

The Friend Zone is always a great time, check out the Calendar to see when the next one is AND there MIGHT be a little discount ticket in the show description…

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